Applications are being reviewed now on a rolling basis; we encourage you to apply early. 

*Nebraska Elementary Schools: Please read this page for detailed information about the fully-funded Fellowship opportunity available to schools in your state with the generous support of the WK Kellogg Foundation and apply now!



There are two components of our application: Part 1 is for district leaders and Part 2 is for school leaders. Both must be submitted for a school to be considered. District leaders submit the application once, enabling any school in their district to be considered. Each individual school submits Part 2.
There is no restriction to the number of schools in a district that may apply. All public schools are eligible.
Once started, our online application form cannot be saved to return to later. You may preview the questions in advance of starting the online form here. 




We are holding virtual info sessions about the Fellowship, which include Q+A time. We highly recommend attending if you are considering applying. Info sessions are open to anyone interested in learning more about the Fellowship, including district, school, teacher, and education org leaders.


The dates of the virtual info sessions have now passed. 
A video of the May 3rd virtual info session can be viewed here.
The powerpoint presentation shared during the info session can be viewed here.






One team per school participates in the Fellowship as a “TrueSchool Design Team”

A TrueSchool Design Team is comprised of 3-4 teacher leaders + 1 principal/school leader

Fellows join a TrueSchool Cohort of 10-20 school teams: a powerful professional learning community of visionary, like-minded education leaders







The TrueSchool Fellowship is a unique professional learning experience that spans 1 academic year and supports educators leading a wide range of change and innovation efforts.

There are 3 core components: Studios, Coaching, + Fieldwork


4 Full Day, In-Person Studios (2 each semester)

Facilitated design studios for knowledge, skill, and mindset development.

Studios are in-person and bring together the whole cohort of 10-20 school teams.

These are fun and fast-paced professional learning experiences. While our process is the same for everyone, each Team is focused on their unique challenge + opportunity, resulting in a personalized professional learning experience.

Coaching Sessions (monthly)

One-on-one monthly meetings with a TrueSchool Coach and each School Design Team.

We serve as thought-partners as teams problem-solve, solution-build, and move forward fast.

Coaching Sessions are led virtually via video conferencing. They are highly personalized and provide support to teams to take action and apply Studio learnings.


Fieldwork (throughout the year, scheduled by school teams)

Fieldwork is the applied learning and educator-led actions that occur between Studios.

Returning to their schools and communities, educators uncover critical insights essential to building effective solutions and transformational new models.

Our work is deeply student-centered and community-centered, meaning stakeholder feedback is at the center of everything we do.

Studios and Coaching Sessions are led by our certified TrueSchool Design Coaches. These are experienced educators (often TrueSchool alumni) who have led significant design, innovation, and transformation efforts in their schools.







Do district leaders submit an application for each school?

No, a district leader submits part 1, the district application, only one time. Once the district application is received, any public school in that district may be considered a candidate. 

How many schools in each district may apply?

As many schools in a district who wish to apply may apply. The application is open to all public schools, including traditional district schools, community schools, magnet schools, and charter schools. We will consider accepting multiple schools within the same district. If you are a district leaders who believes it would be beneficial for 2+ schools in your district to participate (and potentially collaborate), please note this in your application. 

How does this Fellowship fit with other district/school goals and priorities? Can we use this as an opportunity to build upon something we’ve already started and prioritized for the year ahead? 

We want this work to further your core vision as district and school leaders. We do not want this Fellowship to feel like just another thing schools have on their plate, but rather to provide essential structured time, process, and coaching to drive towards achieving your goals and impact for students. If you already have strategic priorities around specific areas of innovation (perhaps you’ve even already begun piloting something), please note this in your application. In our first Studio, we dig into core school priorities, change efforts, and existing leadership teams in order to determine how this experience will best integrate with and support the great work that’s already happening. Please make note of anything related to this that you’re thinking through in your application!

How do I know if someone in my district has already submitted part 1, the district application?

If you are a school leader and are not sure if a leader in your district has already submitted Part 1, please reach out to district personnel to share this opportunity or confirm as soon as possible. Your school will not be eligible for the Fellowship if a district leader has not submitted part 1. If you’re unable to verify that Part 1 has been submitted by directly contacting your district, please email Stephanie at for further assistance. 

I’m a school leader. Do I need to wait until my district submits the application before I can submit my application?

No. The school and district applications can be completed concurrently or at different times.   

Is there support available for school leaders who are have contacted their district about completing part 1 of the application and have not received a response?

Yes.  Please email Stephanie at and share who you have already contacted and any other helpful context. We are more than happy to reach out to districts on behalf of school leaders who are interested in the Fellowship. 

Have another question that wasn’t answered above?

Please email Stephanie at  In your email, please share your name, school, district, title/role, question, and the best way to contact you.

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