TrueSchool believes in the power of designing bold solutions with, not for schools. Based in research, our process equips educators to take risks and transform student outcomes.


Through facilitated programs and expert coaching, ideas become impact, leaders develop and communities connect. What results is a portfolio of real-world, educator-led, proven innovations in schools.

Together, we are building “true” or fully realized schools: equitable places of limitless potential for learners.

Dear Educators

It’s time to start fresh.
We believe there’s tremendous potential to rethink and reimagine the student experience today. With fewer than 1 in 3 low-income students graduating from college in the United States, we also know there’s an urgent need to rethink current education models. Vast disparities exist globally in terms of access to a quality education. This is perhaps the most important peace and social justice issue of our lifetimes.

Top-down programs and policies have come and gone with varying degrees of success. Educators seek solutions that reflect the realities of their classrooms and the experiences of their students. By identifying and supporting new educator-led, student-centered solutions, we believe we can transform student outcomes.

We don’t need to wait for top-down change.
No policymaker or president is as powerful as a teacher when it comes to directly shaping the student experience. Frontline educators—those working most directly with students in classrooms and schools—are the critical designers of the student experience. We all know how a good teacher can change a student’s life.

With your unique knowledge of student needs and community resources, you have the potential to create powerful new solutions and lead change. Together, we can improve schools from within, from the bottom up and the inside out.

Your time, insight, and action are priceless.
Your role is crucial, demanding, and you don’t have time to waste. We value the incredible insight you bring to the table—an invaluable understanding of the culture, resources, and opportunities at your school.

By working together, we believe great things are on the horizon. Your investment and engagement is key to our success. We are going to navigate a process together to enable and generate creative solutions to critical problems. We will support you as you go from idea to impact, but we will not prescribe the solution—you are the experts and the source of the ideas for transformational change in education.

The potential is limitless; the opportunity for impact is tremendous.
We believe the best ideas for the present and future of education will come from you. We’re thrilled to have the chance to collaborate with you. Welcome to our regional and national network of innovative educators and “trueschools”–places of limitless potential for people and learning. We can’t wait to see the vision you set and the impact you achieve—for your students, for future students, and for the field of education.

Thank you for everything you do.

With gratitude,

Amy Vreeland
Founder + Executive Director

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