“TrueSchool has taken us through the design cycle to allow us to convert our ideas into concrete realities at school. They set out a robust process for us to follow that put a premium on our deep understanding and flexible thinking around a real problem and potential solutions. Rather than walking through the process in lock step, the TrueSchool team provided support and pushes in all of the right places to help us iterate and prototype in a meaningful way. They’ve taken the importance of personalizing and differentiating instruction for adults to heart!”

– Renee Blahuta, Former Principal at Norwood Park Elementary School, Chicago Public Schools; Current Program Officer at the W.K. Kellogg Foundation

During the TrueSchool Process, educators design, build, and test new learning models to improve student outcomes. Throughout this process, students and stakeholders are at the center of everything we do.

The TrueSchool Process

set vision
studio 1

Set a big, bold vision for student success grounded in existing reasources available on-site, and the school’s identity.

build empathy
field work

Explore stakeholder perspective to build understanding of the current learning experience by interviewing, shadowing, and observing students, parents, colleagues, and community members.

define opportunity
studio 2

Define the opportunity for a transformative new model of student learning, rooted in student perspective and inspired by cases of innovative schools that have led powerful change.

field work

Create, and test prototypes of the new model in at least 2 classrooms to gather student and stakeholder feedback for rapid improvement.

measure impact
studio 3

Measure and analyze the impact of the prototype on student learning, using a more rigorous approach designed by the team.

field work

Design & launch a broader, multi-classroom pilot of the innovative model.

lead change
studio 4

Capture learning from the pilot & plan for building buy-in and distributed leadership for sustainable, scalable change.

learn forward
field work

Share learning school-wide and beyond; apply the TrueSchool Design Process to new opportunites and contexts.

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