Over five years, 108 schools, 1,500+ educators, and 2 continents – we’ve learned a lot! We believe sharing both successes and failures, approaches and insights, is critical to driving towards equitable access to an excellent education for all students. Here, we’ll be publishing learnings, tools, and insights more broadly.

10 Actions for Empathy + Insights

This resource provides 10 actions that you can use to build empathy and uncover insights around a problem or opportunity in your school or community.

TrueSchool Student-Centered Design Canvas

Our Student-Centered Design Canvas includes categories and questions to guide your empathy work with students and serves as a place to organize your notes, insights, and ideas.

Impact Constraint Map

This map is used after a brainstorm of possible solutions to a problem. It is useful to consider which ideas have the greatest potential for impact and fewest constraints for implementation.