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Be the district leader who brings the 2020 TrueSchool Fellowship to your state. TrueSchool is excited to be launching the fully funded 2020 Fellowship in Nebraska, North Carolina, and Missouri. In 2018-2019 we saw outstanding growth for our Fellows. 64% of participating educators grew significantly in their sense of collective efficacy, the belief that their team has a deep impact on students. 24% more educators said they would recommend working at their school at the end of the Fellowship and 18% more said they would recommend working at their district. We are excited by these results, and we are committed to facilitating this impact for more educators.


TrueSchool is currently considering adding one additional state for the 2020 Fellowship. If you want to help bring TrueSchool to your state please complete our interest form.



Each school selected for the Fellowship will choose a team of 3-4 teacher leaders and 1 principal to take part in a unique year long professional learning experience from January to November of 2020. 



The TrueSchool Fellowship supports educators in a wide range of change and innovation efforts. This action-oriented Fellowship has 3 core components: in person facilitated studios, virtual coaching with a trained TrueSchool Coach, and fieldwork conducted by school teams over the course of the year. For more information on our programs, click here. To learn more about our findings from the 2018-2019 Fellowship view our Final Evaluation Report.



Studios are the only component of the Fellowship which will require teams to travel. There will be four total over the course of the Fellowship and they will bring schools teams from across the state together in central locations.


Frequently Asked Questions


Do district leaders participate in the Fellowship?


Yes, district leaders are encouraged to participate in the Fellowship; we believe that aligning district priorities with educator vision empowers teachers to have the greatest impact on students. A virtual district leader orientation will be announced following the selection of Design Teams and held before the beginning of the program. This orientation will address the ways district leaders can get involved in the Fellowship. There will also be district leader focus groups which will allow district leaders from across all three states to connect and share learnings.  Additionally we strongly encourage district leaders to attend the four in person studios. Studios will be held at driving accessible locations. They will take place over the course of 2020. The first studio will take place in late January or early February, the second studio will take place in early April. The third studio will be held in early August, and the fourth studio will be held in mid October. Precise studio dates and locations will be announced once the 2020 Fellows are confirmed.


Can more than one school in my district apply?


Yes! We encourage multiple schools in the same school district to apply. We believe that the district level is one of the systems with the most potential for transformational change for students. By bringing multiple schools in the same district together in the Fellowship we believe Design teams are able to learn from each other and align their vision with district strategic priorities. In doing so we hope to facilitate the emergence of exceptional districts that are proof-points for the impact of a student-centered design process.


Are there opportunities to continue to work with TrueSchool after the end of the year long Fellowship?


Yes we recognize that achieving transformative impact for students is a process, and we encourage alumni to reapply for a second year of the Fellowship. This gives design teams the space and time to further prototype and refine their solutions.       


Are there opportunities for schools to receive funding to expand their work?


Yes! At the conclusion of the Fellowship micro-investing grants are made available to selected exceptional design teams. These funds allow team members to continue to scale what the tools they built over the course of the Fellowship.