In addition to our innovation and its process, my team’s mindset growth has been really great to see. Through this process, team members adopted more of a can-do attitude and a solutions-based mindset. Rather than seeing problems as systemic manifestations that they had no control over, we saw the problems as challenges or opportunities for us to overcome, brainstorm around, and solve. Now, we can take ownership over certain aspects of our work, our school and the outcomes.”
-Greg Stegeman, Dean of College Success at Johnson College Prep


The focus of Solution is to implement solutions that are scaled, sustained, and “stick.” We work with educators to evaluate and improve new learning models by gathering robust formative and summative data on impact and efficiency. In this phase, educators learn to lead organizational change, build systems for greater efficiency, and identify and develop talent for long-term, sustained impact. At the conclusion of Solution, school teams have a refined model for sustainable implementation moving forward.




Solution builds upon the knowledge, practices, and mindsets of Spark and Sprint for education innovation within schools and for scale:


  • Theory of change
  • Manage change
  • Measure data
  • Refine for efficacy, scale, and sustainability


  • Refine a new model
  • Collect and analyze impact data + evidence
  • Adapt for sustainability, replication, and scale


  • Measure, track, and reflect on impact
  • Continuously iterate and adapt based on findings
  • Lead streamlined, effective, + sustainable solutions at scale

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