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Jawan Eldridge
Christy Chen
Kelly Cary
Latasha Pipkin


How do ensure that more African American students reach grade level proficiency in both literacy and math?


How might we promote academic success for all students, particularly our African American population, by
increasing communication with our families and providing specific content areas they can focus on?


• Provided families with a progress report stating students’ progress in meeting their SMART goals. If a SMART goal was met, a new goal was communicated to the families.
• Provide families with resources they can utilize at home such as LEXIA, see whether or not the students are using this particular resource, and also track their progress.
• Conducted conferences with families and students, reassessed SMART goals and communicated these results during the meeting.


• Students will know their academic strengths and know what steps they need to achieve academic growth

• Students will help in creating SMART goals

• Parents/Families will know where their child is academically

• Promote more opportunities for student conferences throughout the year.

• Increase number of proficient readers school wide.

• Increase opportunities for parents to receive feedback from teachers about academic progress.


• Students will become independent learners.
• Build student character and academic achievement.
• Stronger parent-teacher relationships.
• Better communication about student achievement.
• Higher level of reading proficiency.
• Shorter time between feedback cycle: teacher-student-parents.
• Increase collaboration time around SMART goals.
• Students can create and articulate their SMART goals.