Event encourages Hamilton County educators to be innovative in the classroom


Times Free Press

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“More than 250 principals and teachers from across Hamilton County gathered Monday to learn innovative ways to engage students this upcoming school year. With school starting next week, the educators dedicated one of their last summer days to learning from each other.

“We engage kids by engaging teachers,” said Keri Randolph, director of innovation for the Hamilton County Department of Education…

After lunch, the teachers filled rows of chairs in the gym as the Institute’s keynote address was given by Amy Vreeland of True School, an organization that partners with schools to help inspire educators to take action and lead change.

Vreeland talked about the work True School has done in 95 high-needs schools in New Orleans, Los Angeles and Chicago to improve educational outcomes for students through creative approaches.

Teachers have unique knowledge about what their students need, Vreeland said, and True School works to empower educators to transform schools.

She said she’s seen innovative ideas immediately impact student achievement and outcomes.

“We think innovation is crucial to equity,” Vreeland said.”