PROGRAM(S) PARTICIPATED IN: Sprint 2014, Solution 2015


Renee Wilson, Science Teacher
Nancy Cordova, Lead Teacher
Frances Garcia, Principal

PROBLEM: The teachers and administrations were receiving many complaints about students who were reporting being bullied by other students.

SOLUTION: We trained the eighth graders in team-building activities and had them design and implement lesson plans to teach in K-7 classrooms to teach all Calmeca students about the importance of being an “upstander” when acts of bullying occur.

IMPACT:  Eighth grade students became experts bullying vocabulary and practiced leadership. We measured this with the lesson plans that they designed, the teacher-feedback from the lessons that they implemented and teacher feedback during their planning sessions. Additionally, we increased  school-wide awareness about the importance of standing up to bullies and getting adult support when bullying happens. We measured this with exit slips that students filled out after each session and the eighth grade students evaluated. The biggest indicator of success is that we have zero eighth graders who have been suspended nor are they involved in problematic activities.  There are no problems within the classes nor is their friction between the classes.  Students are showing that they are comfortable with each other and willing to open themselves up to each other and have bonded.

“All in all, I believe we have learned much about the importance of making time to allow students to interact with each other through healthy, challenging, and exciting opportunities and games.” –Frances Garcia, Principal at Calmeca