PROGRAM(S) PARTICIPATED IN: Sprint 2014, Solution 2015


Laura Garcia-Graham, Principal
Pablo Guzman, Assistant Principal
Delia L. Garcia, Assistant Principal
Alexandra Axel, Special Education Teacher
Norma Romero, Bilingual Kindergarten Teacher
Sandra Atilano, Kindergarten Teacher


The percentage of Kindergarten students who are reading at level by the end of the year is too low and parents are not supporting their children at home with reading.


Our innovation was to use classroom parent coordinators to improve parent participation and student reading levels through the use of online programs.


The parents’ perspectives changed about what school is like and how hard it can be for teachers to get parents to engage with their kids at home in reading. As the year went on, the parent coordinators began to take more initiative and start other programs that would involve other parents. Many students in the Kindergarten classrooms are reading much higher and showing a lot of growth.  The kids who have been using the online reading program (RAZ Kids) at home are doing better and showing more growth on their reading levels.

“The process and growth we went through during this process was as follows:  The Kindergarten teachers started the year by inviting more of the involved parents to interview to be parent coordinators.  From those interviews each Kindergarten teacher chose two parents to serve in that role.  After selecting the parent coordinators the  teachers trained the parents on reading programs and met with them to plan out the events.   The parents planned and led the workshops for other Kindergarten parents to attend to learn how to use Raz Kids.  The parents coordinated other social events during the year.  Kids were tested at the beginning, middle, and currently the end of the year using Text and Reading Comprehension.” –Spry team