Chicago / Pilot


PROGRAM(S) PARTICIPATED IN: Sprint 2014, Solution 2015


Greg Stegeman, Dean of College Success
Alli Foley, Instructional College Counselor
Daisy Herrera, Alumni Cooridinator


Classroom engagement–student compliance and involvement–was lacking in a very basic way that was preventing us from achieving rigorous and quality classroom experiences. Students were off-task (doing something other than what had been asked of them), not adhering to the student code of conduct at too high of a rate.


Leveraging our most important educational resource, our teachers, we set out to introduce a peer-based, and peer-led reflective cycle for our teachers.


Assessed impact through gauging student engagement using a school-created rubric and student performance based on interim performance (ACT, PLAN, EXPLORE).

“We started large, thinking about the following: how do we get more of our students through college. We scaled down to think about how we could academically prepare our students for the rigors of college. We then continued to scale down to consider classroom engagement as a pivotal ingredient in creating a rigorous classroom where learning was taking place from bell to bell. As we considered the issue we wanted to work on, we thought of our resources. The biggest resource we considered was our group of teachers. ” –Johnson team